Elizabeth has had the opportunity to work at both network and affiliate levels in top markets.

Her internship experience began in June of 2014 when she interned with NBC5-WMAQ Chicago in the Investigative Unit. During the summer, she was able to work side-by-side reporters in the Unit. Her responsibilities included reviewing news tips through phone and e-mail, determining which tips were worthy to pursue and eventually pitching the tips and story elements to producers and reporters. In addition, she was able to cultivate a research method for approaching stories. From running background checks to requesting FOIA’s, she was at the forefront of pulling elements and sources for the piece together.

Here is a list of stories Elizabeth screened from tips, pitched, and were pursued by the Investigative team:

Here is a list of stories Elizabeth assisted with research:

During her junior year, she interned at WCIA3, the local CBS Champaign affiliate. While at WCIA, Elizabeth was able to assist reporters in off-site shoots, story coverage, logging interviews, and research. Making routine beat calls and pitching story ideas were also a part of her responsibilities. Towards the end of her time at WCIA, she was sent out alone with a videographer to report, write, and produce VO’s.

Elizabeth interned at ABC News in New York for the Brian Ross Investigative Unit during the summer of 2015. Working alongside the Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross, Elizabeth had the opportunity to refine her investigative reporting skills. Focused on gathering the elements necessary from research to contacting sources, Elizabeth assisted producers in the unit to assemble reports. Her role consisted of conducting preliminary investigations and organizing data.

The stories Elizabeth has assisted in range from domestic to international investigations. Big stories include ISIS terror plots, Dennis Hastert Indictment, and Shrimp Safety Concerns.

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